Capture an image

The Camera can be a simple or very complex device, but is the centerpiece of all production. Understanding its basics will advance creativity of your imaging.

Enhance Exposure

Light is required to capture any image. By understanding, controlling and creating light, we can make repeatable and predicable art for the camera to record.


Contour and Depth

Shadow is a by-product of light. With light modifiers, we can shape and control how light is emitted and create contours and dimension to augment the image.

Camera • Light • Modify

C•L•M is a philosophy of shooting that comes from a concept of how to visualize three simple steps while creating imagery with a camera. With the Camera • Light • Modify technique you can accelerate through your basic camera, lighting and grip equipment set-ups to create the most professional look to your imagery. 

Technique Articles

Production Elements

Ocean Stuio created the concept of looking at individual aspects of film making as 'production elements' similar to the perioding table of the elements that describes the foundations of the universe around us. Film making is essentially similar to the natural process of combining elements into molecules which are what we call 'Production Templates'. When a media producer combines various elements that predictably creaate a specific look or repeatable result in imagery we can record those tools, techniques and terms as a template. These Production Templates boost educaiton and procuction process by archiving technique that has been developed and refined throughout the past 100 years of film making. 

Production Elements


Film Crew Structures

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Film Crew Hierarchy

Production Reels

Portfolio listing of Production Reels for various categories of job types and show formats.

Saint Joseph Mercy Health - Ann Arbor, MI
Mixtape Pictures - 2015
Geekies Awards - Cold Open 2014
Chrome Bumper Films - 2015
Infidea Studios - 2013
Saint Joseph Mercy Health System - 2015

Film Industry Veterans

Ocean Studio content is created and maintained by film industry veterans that have had many years of experience within their areas of expertise. Veterans are verifiable as industry experts through their credits, recorded at
the Internet Movie Database. You can look up our veterans at the website.
Content at Ocean Studio is verifiable as accurate and true to current film industry standards because of our verification process of film industry veteran status.

Brent Bye

Founder of with 25 years in Film & TV

His profile shows a small amount of his work while involved in the studios of the Los Angeles film industry. From 2002 to the present, Brent has been producing and shooting commercials, new media, music videos, live events and narratives.

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Vicky Lawrence, 39

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Roland McKindle, 29

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Dusan Markovic

Ocean Studio Drupal architect and Full Stack web developer

An ambitious, bright and motivated Drupal architect who's willing to go the extra mile to make every project a succes. He is always looking for new opportunities for professional growth and development.      Get Connected.

Film Industry Brands

These are some of the respected brands of film-making gear and other film industry vendors that Ocean Studio members recommend and use on a regular basis for their own productions.