Camera•Light•Modify - Overview

3-Day Course Description

Camera•Light•Modify is a multi-day course focused on giving practical on-set experience to attendees. This course is a fast track for anyone looking to take their camera, lighting and light modification understanding and techniques to a level of Hollywood asthetic and caliber. Digital cameras allow more people than ever to gain access to an image capturing device. The real secret to creating the amazing look of the most high end film and television imagery is in how the camera usage is intertwined with techniques of introducing light and manipulating how the light plays upon the subjects within the camera frame. 

Atendees will acquire the techniqres of production practices from a film industry veteran with over 30 years of experience behind the camera. Brent Bye is the leader of the course and has been creating content in the film, television, live streaming and multimedia industries since 1987. The course is nicknamed after Brent's personal technique of visualizing three interconnected portions of the images that he captures. A simple three-part mental checklist through Camera, Lighting set-ups and then light Modifiers will frame any film-makers efforts into efficiency and productivity. With the CLM checklist in-mind, you'll more easily add production value to any film, video or even photo shoot.

Day 1 - Single Camera Foundations - Camera details, Lighting standards, Light Modifiers 

Pinhole Camera - PH-01 [+]<
Long Exposure - no shutter/pinhole aperture
View Camera + Lens - Brown bellows
VCDSLR - Red bellows - Shoot Sample 
Film SLR - Pentax
Silent Era - B&W - low ASA - shutter linked to 24FPS - slow apertures
Films strength was resolution - example of HD Twilight Zone
Lens Cap reveal lesson. 
Color Temp lesson. 
Lunch Break
Light - single sources - candle, candle tray+mirror, butterfly modeling 
Cable and Lighting set-up lesson. 
Grip - C-Stand Lesson
Background Lesson - camera is always locked to a background, foreground is filled in. 
Shoot - Camera element 
Brent Hosts - direct address - limbo lighting (silhouette)
Light spread and diffusion lessons with white paper backdrop. 
Set - backdrop as a set with a practical lamp
Framing and composition lessons
use of scratch/edge source or not based on framing 
example videos from interview shoots
Character & Wardrobe discussion - dress talent in old west costume 
expose a 5x7 pinhole plate? and develop on-site
SHOOT - DP Interview
explain Image Circle (not CoC)
explain DoF - Aperture and Image Plane - cheat with Angle of View
DoF shootout - Phone CCD, 2/3” chip, super 35, Full Frame SLR, Med. Format, 8x10 Plate scan 
After School - Quick Set-up Guide for ENG style shoots

Day 2 - Multi-Camera Foundations - 50/50 camera/lighting

(fast paced day with multi camera set-ups, touch on Live streaming and one-take wonders)
FootCandle Lesson
DV Camera - DVX 100
1/2” chip - EX1 
DSLR - 7D 
Lunch Break
Shoot - Light Element
Light - multi-stand lighting, cross key - 
Grip - multi-stand rigs for multi-cam gets complicated
Grip Rig- Goal Post 
Shadow lesson - 
Softness Lesson - 2x3, 4x, 6x source + Modeling
Set - 
Character & Wardrobe
SHOOT - ‘It’s a Book’
After School - Quick Set-up Guide for SLR style shoots

Day 3 - Single Camera Advanced - Narrative  - Grip/Elect/Sets - Goal to make art

(slow the pace down to concentrate on every aspect of every frame shot)
Super 35mm sensor - C300
Super 35mm + Latitude - Alexa
4K - RED Epic
4K - BMD Production 4K
Lunch Break
Shoot - Grip Element
Light - 
Shadow - 
Set - 
Character & Wardrobe
Lens Shootout - three f-stops and exposures to compare Canon CN-E, Zeiss CP.2, Cooke S4, Xenar III 
SHOOT - Movie Scene
interview - B: drop cloth - C: single shot  - L: 3-point evolution - S: scallop/barn door slash/flag cut/blinds 
After School - Quick Set-up Guide for RED/Alexa camera style shoots